Cha-kaiseki Cuisine Onjaku

Suruga's natural blessings and Cha-kaiseki Cuisine presented by a chef and a fishmonger

Cha-kaiseki cuisine is a mild tasting traditional Japanese dish served in small portions offered before tea ceremonies. "Onjaku", located in a quiet residential area of Yaizu City, attracts gastronomes nationwide seeking the rich fish taste from Suruga Bay and the spirits of Cha-kaiseki. The owner chef, Sugiyama-san serves dishes with warm hospitality. What captivates the taste buds of gastronomes here, are the fish dishes. Sasue Maeda Fishmonger, where many of Japan’s first-class chefs source the best catches, always supplies fish which best complement the dishes served at "Onjaku". Chef Sugiyama-san brings out the fresh taste and aroma of the local ingredients. Cha-kaiseki cuisine, which is unique to Suruga (the old name of Shizuoka), is the product of the relationship enjoyed by the two men who simply want visitors to enjoy tasty fish that is never found in other places, even in Kyoto. It will surely resonate in the hearts of visitors from abroad as well.


6-14-12 Honmachi, Yaizu City, Shizuoka Prefecture 425-0022 JAPAN