Matcha More Café

Organic Matcha enjoyed in a hidden café beside the Oi River

Matcha More Café in Nabeshima Village located beside the Oi River, is a place that you will go out of your way to visit. It also serves as a laboratory for young tea producers to work on the sustainable production of organic matcha from the field to your cup. The teas grown in this mountainous area are irrigated with the water sourced from the river nearby. Your matcha is ground to order at the café. If you would like, you could enjoy conversations with local farmers over the counter. You can also experience activities such as grinding matcha, tea-tasting after picking, steaming and squeezing, and planting a seedling. Visitors tours of the tea factory can be arranged. This serves as a starting place for the locals to expand the future possibilities to communicate with visitors.


1474-2 Minari, Shimada City, Shizuoka Prefecture 427-0233 JAPAN