Delicious Tea at Aito-en Tea Farm

Tea Farm, Connecting People through Kawane Green Tea

Renowned as one of the top three quality green teas in Japan, Kawane green tea has been awarded 15 times in the nationwide tea contest. Its rich savory Umami, natural sweetness and flavorfulness are particular to teas grown in this mountainous area and can be enjoyed even up to the third brewing. Such green tea is served on the Engawa veranda of a traditional farmhouse, 'KOTORI'. Mr. and Mrs. Aito will be your hosts. They are serious tea farmers hoping for visitors to fully enjoy Kawane and they also look forward to meeting and befriending guests by sharing teatime served with warm hospitality.


160 Motofujikawa, Kawanehoncho, Haibara-gun, Shizuoka Prefecture 428-0311 JAPAN