Hoko-en Tea Farm

Taste of tea leaves grown sustainably in concert with nature

"Tea is my life", says Jiro Katahira, born in a tea making family in a mountainous area upstream the Okitsu River. He spent his childhood running around tea fields, looking at his father’s work from the shadow and hearing tons of stories about tea with love. It comes as no surprise that he took over the farm as the third generation. Jiro knows that the natural environment for tea growing is not infinite. He is determined to devote his life in pursuit of only the best quality tea. He thus selects a cultivar to plant which best-matches the soil to help create a more sustainable tea field. Jiro talked with a happy smile, “Tea taste is in its leaf. I hope you can feel it at the Sky Tea Terrace we provide in our hilly tea field at an altitude of 350 meters.” Simply to say, he wants to share the blessings of nature such as beautiful water and fresh air as well as the tea taste, with many people.


270 Nunozawa, Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture 424-0415 JAPAN