Kamairi-cha Shibamoto Tea Farm

Pan-roasted Tea with Rich Aroma by Unique Tea Farming with Goats

Kama-iri-cha is finished by roasting blended matured tea leaves in a pan. The method is unique and rare in Shizuoka. Tea farmer Shibamoto-san, was fascinated by its rich roasting aroma. After graduating from a local agriculture and forestry college, he went to Kyushu to learn the tea pan-roasting technique. He has been pursuing the ideal aroma not only of pan-roasted tea, but also other kinds, such as oolong tea, black tea and winter-leaf tea. His unique way of eco-sustainable farming practices using goat manure, has helped to make his farm not only fertilizer-free and chemical-free but also environmentally-friendlier to the groundwater of the region and has thus been gaining more interest. From the “Landscape Tea Terrace” on his tea farm, you can enjoy a commanding panoramic view of the town of Makinohara, the Southern Japan Alps and the coastline of Suruga Bay. Shibamoto-san hopes "more people get to know the value of local tea because they can never truly find the taste from a plastic bottled tea."


2695 Katsumata, Makinohara City, Shizuoka Prefecture 421-0414 JAPAN