Take a trip to the coastline wrapped by the lush green tea fields where the seafood, the blessings of Suruga Bay, and the people who live there are connected.
During your visit to the Suruga Bay area, you can enjoy the best of Suruga Bay - the deepest ocean area in all Japan and the resplendent beauty of Mt. Fuji - the highest mountain in Japan on the same tour.


The bay area offers a wealth of adventures and decadent delights to satisfy your tastebuds. The Suruga Bay area is supported by a culture related to seafood. Many people come here from various parts of Japan – some even driving long distances to buy fresh seafood in the Suruga Bay area. The tuna catch in Yaizu Port is reputed to be the best in Japan. Yoshida Port is famous for its whitebait. Shizunami Beach, further southwesterly, is famous for swimming as well as surfing. Viewing both Mt. Fuji and Suruga Bay up close on the beaches in Miho, Mochimune, Yaizu and Omaezaki is very soothing.

The coastline is a little more than a 15-minute drive south from JR Shizuoka Station.
Blessings from the Sea
Mineral-rich nutritious water flows from several river mouths into the Suruga Bay and into the deep sea making it most suitable for fish breeding and fishing.
Horse mackerel, skipjack tuna, whitebait, golden eye snapper, and cherry color shrimp – caught only in the Suruga Bay, are served at the local restaurants.
The tea growing areas along the coastal Suruga Bay area enjoys longer hours of daylight than the other three tea growing areas, therefore the tea trees grow naturally thicker tea leaves.
The largest green tea plantation (5,000ha) in Japan is located in the Makinohara Plateau. The area produces top-class volumes of unrefined green teas and is famous for deep-steamed green teas which have a sweet and mild taste.

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