Chill out in the sea cottage with green tea in Makinohara

You can stay at a comfortable villa in Makinohara which is abundantly blessed with a mild warm climate and beautiful nature. We provide two cottages and a trailer house on the crown of a hill overlooking the sea whose backyard opens to the deep forest in the background. You can enjoy BBQ in the open-air space, as well as several kinds of craft beers from all over the world at the HAZ Beer Stand. The local craft beer 'HAZHAZY' has an exclusive taste which is perfect while chilling out with the sound of waves whether in the daytime or under the twinkling stars at night. Other activities such as cycling in the tea field, fishing and visiting the local fish market is also a great way to enjoy your stay. The Haz’s warm hearted hospitality has been highly appreciated by many overseas guests.


1223-6 Hazu, Makinohara City, Shizuoka Prefecture 421-0523 JAPAN