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Mountain Area

Mountain Area

The mountainous areas have long been well-known for producing premium teas grown with great care on farms at high elevations interspersed with the rich forests and irrigated by waters from the pristine streams.

About this tea terroir

Shizuoka is Japan’s top mountainous tea growing region based on local-oriented traditions and history. The high elevations yield fertile soil and freshwater resources, which give mountain-grown teas their distinctive flavors and characteristics. High elevation tea producers grow a wide variety of unique terroir teas. The tastes embody the individual producers’ personalities, generations of preserved tea practices and the farmers’ harmonious lifestyles with the land and nature. Visit tea farms in Suruga's mountainous areas to experience their distinctive tea flavors, sustainable practices and passion first-hand.


The closest farms in the hilly interiors are roughly 20-minute drives from JR Shizuoka Station.


Suruga’s most time-honored tea production areas are located near the upper streams of the Abe, Warashina, Seto, Hanashi, and Asahina rivers. The slopes along these clear streams are abundant in mineral rich soils and provide good drainage. For generations, farmers have utilized, cared for and preserved the region’s natural blessings, making these areas synonymous with premium and exclusive tea production.


The relatively large day and nighttime temperature differences, sufficient rainfall and mountainside mists bring out the refreshing aroma and acclaimed tastes of Suruga’s teas.


Suruga’s lightly-steamed mountain teas are renowned for being well-balanced with natural sweetness and mild astringency. The upper streams of the Asahina River are one of Japan’s best Gyokuro tea production areas.

Things to do in the Mountain Area

  • Gyokuro no Sato

    Gyokuro no Sato

    Mountain Area
  • Moriuchi Tea Farm

    Moriuchi Tea Farm

    Mountain Area
  • Country Life Experiences at an Old Waterwheel Village

    Country Life Experiences at an Old Waterwheel Village

    Mountain Area
  • Washizu Green Tea Stencil Dye Fabric Workshop

    Washizu Green Tea Stencil Dye Fabric Workshop

    Mountain Area
  • Yabuzaki-en Tea Farm

    Yabuzaki-en Tea Farm

    Mountain Area
  • KANEBUN Tea Farm

    KANEBUN Tea Farm

    Mountain Area
  • Green Eight Café

    Green Eight Café

    Mountain Area
  • Nukumori-en Yururi Farm Stay Inn

    Nukumori-en Yururi Farm Stay Inn

    Mountain Area
  • Happy Mukoujima-en Tea Farm

    Happy Mukoujima-en Tea Farm

    Mountain Area
  • Murakami Tea Garden

    Murakami Tea Garden

    Mountain Area
  • NaturaliTea, Tsubaki Tei

    NaturaliTea, Tsubaki Tei

    Mountain Area
  • Shidajima-en Tea & Wasabi Farm

    Shidajima-en Tea & Wasabi Farm

    Mountain Area
  • Tea Terrace Ichinose

    Tea Terrace Ichinose

    Mountain Area
  • Mori no Akaoni

    Mori no Akaoni

    Mountain Area
  • Fujieda City Ceramic Art Center

    Fujieda City Ceramic Art Center

    Mountain Area
  • Voketto


    Mountain Area
  • Kaneka Shibataen

    Kaneka Shibataen

    Mountain Area
  • Satoen Tea Cafe

    Satoen Tea Cafe

    Mountain Area
  • Asahi-en (Station Store)

    Asahi-en (Station Store)

    Mountain Area
  • Cafe Uemaru

    Cafe Uemaru

    Mountain Area
  • Shinchaen


    Mountain Area
  • Seishoyuen


    Mountain Area
  • Ocha-no-mori


    Mountain Area
  • Cha no Me

    Cha no Me

    Mountain Area
  • Ashikubo Teaworks

    Ashikubo Teaworks

    Mountain Area
  • Kawane Tsuchiya Tea Farm

    Kawane Tsuchiya Tea Farm

    Mountain Area
  • Kawane Tea terrace Ochanoma

    Kawane Tea terrace Ochanoma

    Mountain Area
Mountain Area

Located at an altitude of 600m in the quaint town of Kawane, Kawane Tsuchiya Tea Farm is situated in the Orokubo District. Learn More

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