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Bay Area

Bay Area

Visit the coastline where the seafood, blessings of Suruga Bay, surrounding tea fields, and people are connected. Enjoy a tour that includes both Suruga Bay, Japan’s deepest ocean area, and the iconic Mt. Fuji, Japan’s tallest mountain.

About this tea terroir

The bay area offers a wealth of adventures and decadent seafood delights to satisfy your tastebuds. People come from all over Japan to buy Suruga Bay’s fresh seafood. Yaizu Port’s tuna is reputed to be the best in Japan, and Yoshida Port is famous for its whitebait. Aside from seafood, Shizunami Beach is popular for swimming as well as surfing, and Miho, Mochimune, Yaizu and Omaezaki are renowned for their beachside views of Mt. Fuji and Suruga Bay.


The coastline is about a 15-minute drive south from JR Shizuoka Station.


Mineral-rich waters from several rivers flow into Suruga Bay, making it an ideal place for fish breeding and fishing. The restaurants along the coast serve a variety of delicious dishes using locally caught fish, such as horse mackerel, skipjack tuna, whitebait, golden eye snapper and cherry color shrimp.


The tea growing areas along Suruga Bay enjoy longer hours of daylight than Suruga’s other three tea growing areas and therefore, have tea trees that grow naturally thicker leaves.


The bay area produces top-class volumes of unrefined green teas and is famous for deep-steamed green teas, which have a sweet and mild taste. Japan’s largest green tea plantation (5,000ha) is located on the Makinohara Plateau.

Things to do in the Bay Area

  • Hanazawa no Sato Village

    Hanazawa no Sato Village

    Bay Area
  • Yoshida City and Koyama Castle Tower

    Yoshida City and Koyama Castle Tower

    Bay Area
  • HAZ Cottage

    HAZ Cottage

    Bay Area
  • Yoshida Park (Shizuoka Prefecture Managed Park)

    Yoshida Park (Shizuoka Prefecture Managed Park)

    Bay Area
  • Cha-kaiseki Cuisine Onjaku

    Cha-kaiseki Cuisine Onjaku

    Bay Area
  • Backpackers Hostel Tsubame no Yado

    Backpackers Hostel Tsubame no Yado

    Bay Area
  • Mitsuhashi Green Tea Café

    Mitsuhashi Green Tea Café

    Bay Area
  • Kaneju Tea Farm

    Kaneju Tea Farm

    Bay Area
  • Sushi Yamashichi

    Sushi Yamashichi

    Bay Area
  • Chaluck


    Bay Area


    Bay Area
  • Satsukien


    Bay Area
  • Mukasaen


    Bay Area
  • Makinohara Yamamotoen

    Makinohara Yamamotoen

    Bay Area
  • Gashoan, Nishikogawa store

    Gashoan, Nishikogawa store

    Bay Area
  • Yamaichien Tea Shop (Yamaichi Sabo)

    Yamaichien Tea Shop (Yamaichi Sabo)

    Bay Area
  • Nagamine Hanacafe, Nagamine Seicha, Miwa store

    Nagamine Hanacafe, Nagamine Seicha, Miwa store

    Bay Area

Discover Suruga

Explore Suruga’s bountiful tea culture, farming techniques, sustainable lifestyles and local cuisines in its four treasured tea producing areas.