Shidajima-en Tea & Wasabi Farm

A Small but, Appealing Farm for Tea and Wasabi

Shidajima-en is located in a hilly, mountainous area, close to the tributaries midstream the Abe River. At his farm, guests are invited on a walking tour from the tea processing factory. At the hilltop point where the green tea field and the wasabi field are side by side, you may feel a sense of nostalgia over a cup of aromatic refreshing green tea while gazing at the landscape of the tea field which shows different hues as time passes due to the angle of the radiant sunlight. The beautiful landscape forms part of the Tamagawa District's natural environment. Both of these fields are owned by Mr. Masahiro Sato, a 7th generation farmer. Mr. Sato who studied agriculture at university maintains deep insights and keeps abreast with research and developments regarding agriculture. He is a certified Japanese tea instructor and a master of traditional hand-rolled green tea processing. They harvest tea exclusively from their tea field and perform all the tea manufacturing processes in-house. Their policy for cultivation is to grow both green tea and wasabi not by micromanaging, but also not sparing any efforts to find the best way to match their produce with the local Tamagawa natural environment.


1298 Ochiai, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture 421-2223 JAPAN