Happy Mukoujima-en Tea Farm

Eco-friendly and People-friendly Future with Organic Tea

Happy Mukoujima-en Tea Farm produces a perfect organic tea with no pesticides nor chemical fertilizers. The "single cordon" cultivation method - known as “Ippon-jitate”, is the care given to growing individual trees in uncrowded conditions - has been passed down from their ancestors. This method helps to bring out the vigor and energy from each individual leaf of each tea tree. The farm owner, Kazushi Mukoujima has maintained and preserved his ancestors’ unique way of organic tea farming, by holding true to the policy of "Out of respect to the life of tea, we ought to listen to the voice of tea in the same way we listen to people." He succeeded the farm from his father at the age of 18. While valuing the nature of organic farming, he has developed other value added products to help meet the evolving preferences of the market, such as powdered tea, foods, health supplements and cosmetics using tea. Mukojima-san says, "The distinctive cultivation method with respect to the way of life of each tree's life is the essence of producing teas which are rich in minerals and full of vitality from nature." His unique idea is surely broadening the myriad of untapped potentials of the tea industry.


13079 Setonoya, Fujieda City, Shizuoka Prefecture 426-0131 JAPAN