SkyTEC Flying Academy

Walk in the sky over the Oi River with the taste of Shimada Tea

"Nanamagari Sky Park", located midstream of the Oi River watersheds, is one of Japan's best paragliding spots. The area is called "Uyama Nanamagari" which literally means the meandering streams of the Oi River. The magnificently landscaped tea fields along both sides of the riverbanks will captivate your eyes. The instructor Miyata-san, a former Paragliding World Cup champion, will offer you an experience of a lifetime. Come and "enjoy paragliding and a taste of tea". Under his expert guidance, you will enjoy a commandingly amazing panoramic view of the beautifully manicured tea fields, Mt. Fuji and the Suruga Bay from an altitude of 700 meters. To cap it off, a concept tea created by a tea wholesaler in Shimada can be enjoyed after your aerial paragliding exploits. The adventure includes a photo taken during your flight and a souvenir. Let's explore the beautiful natural landscape from the sky and wind down your adrenaline rush over a cup of rich tasting Shimada Tea!


602-14 Sasamado, Kawane-cho, Shimada City, Shizuoka Prefecture 428-0101 JAPAN