Backpackers Hostel Tsubame no Yado

Welcome to Kambara! - A town friendly to sea, mountain and people

Kambara is located east of the Shimizu Bay area nestled between the magnificent Suruga Bay facing front and the mountains behind it. It is an attractive local town with an indelible imprint on the history and culture of "Tokaido", an old arterial road connecting the ancient capital city of Kyoto and the current capital city of Tokyo. Walking or cycling along this old post town streets takes us back in time to the Edo era. "Backpackers Hostel Tsubame no Yado" is a dormitory hostel which is a ubiquitous fusion of Japanese and Western-styles accommodations lying adjacent to the time-honored 160 years old Japanese house. The young host, Osawa-san, kindly welcomes backpackers from abroad and guides them around the town of Kambara to tell the history and culture with attentive care and warm hospitality. Osawa-san enjoys these activities with the vision of attracting people all over the world to Kambara and fostering the recognition of cultural differences through intermingling with each other.


3-19-27 Kambara, Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture 421-3203 JAPAN