Mitsuhashi Green Tea Café

Enjoy Deep-Steamed Green Tea While Gazing at Mt. Fuji and Tea Fields

Have you ever been tempted to drop by a green tea café that is not found in guidebooks? A secret place where you might be soothed by the charm of the Makinohara area landscape over a cup of locally produced tea? Mitsuhashi Green Tea Café is one such place. It is a green tea specialty house which blends into the natural scenery without a big sign board outside. Mr. and Mrs. Mitsuhashi will be your hosts. Here, guests receive a cup and teapot of their choice and help themselves to tea. You can also enjoy excellent homemade Western-style sweets, brick-oven pizza, or bread. One specialty item of the day is provided by Mrs. Mitsuhashi. Guests are invited to experience the first green tea-leaf picking of the year in the tea field beside the cafe as well as making black tea in the garden, upon request. They say, "Those who drink coffee or black tea regularly will also enjoy tea for a change." Guests will have a relaxing time, as if visiting their friends' house.


1943-24 Higashi-Hagima, Makinohara City, Shizuoka Prefecture 421-0501JAPAN