Moriuchi Tea Farm

Tea Culture introduced by Mr. & Mrs. Moriuchi

Mr.& Mrs. Moriuchi are the 9th generation of the Moriuchi Tea Farm and have been preserving the family’s tea producing heritage in earnest. People say their tea steeps into your heart. They combine good use of sloping terrain with a selection of 14 cultivars which best match their soil to create first-grade single origin teas. Mr. Moriuchi is a master tea maker who is venerated by local tea producers in recognition of his skills and techniques which he skillfully uses to produce a wide variety of teas such as sencha (green leaf tea), pan-roasted tea, semi-fermented tea and black tea from his different cultivars. The farm visit experience includes visiting their tea field, photographing, and then, "a tea flight" - which is akin to a "wine flight." During the "tea flight" you will be served 3 types of tea to compare their differences while being guided by Mr. & Mrs. Moriuchi. Both of whom are certified Japanese Tea Instructors as well. Many tea lovers both from home and abroad have been visiting their family farms for years.
*At the peak of the tea season, you may be guided by another equally well-experienced tea instructor.


705 Uchimaki, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture 421-2118 JAPAN