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Suruga Trips

Taste the culture of Suruga created by tea

Moriuchi Tea Farm
  • DurationApprox. 4 hours, 30 minutes
  • Transport method Rental car
  • Nearest station JR Shizuoka Station
  • Pace Moderate

60 min

Moriuchi Tea Farm

Tea Culture Introduced by Mr. and Mrs. Moriuchi

The Honyama District, located between the Abe and Warashina River basins, is a historic tea-producing area which has been around since the Edo Period (1603-1868) and is still producing tea which was presented to Ieyasu Tokugawa many years ago.

Moriuchi Tea Farm is a plantation which has been operating for nine generations and takes advantage of the steep terrain and soil composition to produce their own tea in the factory.

The Moriuchi's are locally respected as masters of tea. With their experience and technology, they cultivate 14 types of "single origin tea" (tea which comes from a single region and harvest, with no added flavors or blends).

View Moriuchi Tea Farm
20 min

Transit to Sumpu Takumishuku - Directions via Google Maps

60 min

Sumpu Takumishuku

A Place Which Connects Suruga's History and Future

A place where traditional handicrafts passed down from the Imagawa and Tokugawa eras live on.

Here, you can enjoy various craft experiences still cherished today, such as Suruga bamboo work, Japanese dyeing, woodworking, lacquerware, and pottery.

We especially recommend the "tea dyeing" experience, a unique combination of "tea" and "Suruga dyeing". The tannin contained within the tea enchance the color, allowing you to create your own original dyes. We use tea leaves not commerically viable as dyes and the boiled tea leaves are recycled as compost.

After your experience, why not browse for souvenirs at the "Sugura Bamboo Crafts", a space which artistically uses wood and crafts? You can also enjoy food and drinks made with local Maruko honey from the Muramoto Bee Farm, as well as ingredients sourced from within the prefecture at cafe "HACHI & MITSU".

View Sumpu Takumishuku
15 min

Transit to Steak & European Cuisine Le Monde Fujigaya - Directions via Google Maps

120 min

Steak & European Cuisine Le Monde Fujigaya

Established in 1967 as a restaurant serving teppanyaki and European cuisine, this restaurant allows guests to enjoy a unique tea pairing of European cuisine and teppanyaki with Shizuoka tea.

The "Welcome to Shizuoka tea lunch/dinner course" (reservations required) was created by a qualified Japanese tea instructor and wine sommelier, along with the head chef and sous chef. In 2017 it was certified by Shizuoka City as a "Shizuoka Joshi Kira☆ Brand Product" as a pioneering product designed by women. Enjoy seasonal ingredients sourced within Shizuoka Prefecture (e.g. vegetables, sakura shrimp, whitebait, and corn) and Shizuoka wagyu beef teppanyaki, a course which encorporates Shizuoka tea.

There are additional options through our experience menu where you can pair 4/5 types of Shizuoka tea to match your cuisine (a marriage of delicious flavors).

The restaurant aims to create dishes enhanced by Shizuoka tea, and create a ""World of Shizuoka tea"". Guests may also order various Shizuoka tea off the single item menu.

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