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Suruga Trips

Enjoy the mountain tea of Suruga

Murakami Tea Garden
  • DurationApprox. 4 hours, 30 minutes
  • Transport method Rental Car
  • Nearest station JR Okitsu Station
  • Pace Moderate

60 min

Murakami Tea Garden

A 100-Year Old Tea Production Site Set Above the Clouds With a View of Mt. Fuji

At an altitude of 350m with a view of both Mt. Fuji and the clouds, this tea plantation is truly a "sky tea paradise".

At this tea plantation, the third and youngest generations of the Murakami family, who are passionate about the tea industry, cultivate tea using mainly organic fertilizers.

In order to see this sea of clouds you must visit during the correct weather conditions, an act decided purely by the heavens. No matter when you visit, there is a sense of elegance in drinking tea while dreaming of the sea of clouds at the plantation.

"Mikko Black Tea" is a black tea with a sublime aroma and an elegant sweet aftertaste which lingers after consuming. The "indigenous tea", which has been grown since the opening of the plantation, has been around for over 100 years and is grown organically without pesticides, giving the ""wild-tasting"" green tea a bitter taste with a hint of umami.

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30 min

Transit to Matcha Calligraphy - Directions via Google Maps

90 min

Matcha Calligraphy

A New Experience With Calligraphy Using Matcha

A popular experience including "tea pairing" (a course meal made with seasonal ingredients and paired with tea brewed by a tea master) and our very own "matcha calligraphy®︎" (a new concept in which calligraphy is written with matcha instead of ink).

Enjoy your delicious course meal paired with tea, while listening to the tea master's explanations on the appeal of tea and how to enjoy it fully. After your meal you can enjoy a lesson in "matcha calligraphy®︎" by Ms. Shoran, a calligrapher who spreads tea to the world. Enjoy the process of the bright green color gradually changing to brown when exposed to air, the magic behind the "matcha calligraphy®︎" experience.

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90 min

Kakuya Bessho

A Pairing of Seasonal Food and Tea

Shizuoka Prefecture boasts of first class cultivation and consumption of Japanese tea.

This "tea pairing" experience is a new way to enjoy tea grown in a region rich in nature which overlooks Mt. Fuji, the highest mountain in Japan, as well as the Suruga Bay, the deepest bay in Japan. This experience uses meals made with seasonal ingredients and tea brewed by a tea master.

Tantilize your tastebuds as the tea master brews tea right before your eyes to match each dish, from your appetizer all the way to your dessert!

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