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Maruhide Iwasaki Tea Shop
  • DurationApprox. 7 hours
  • Transport method Rental car
  • Nearest station JR Shizuoka Station
  • Pace Moderate

Enjoy a relaxing teatime, where you’ll befriend local people and be comfortable with the character of the locality while touring Shizuoka.

60 min

Maruhide Iwasaki Tea Shop

Experience of tea blending offered by tea master

Experience of trying “Creative Tea Blending” according to your taste. You can choose some kinds of tea leaves from different varieties and production areas, including Shizuoka green tea, Kakegawa green tea, Makinohara green tea, matcha (powdered tea), genmaicha (tea with roasted brown rice), hojicha (roasted green tea), after tasting them.

Tea master Mr. Iwasaki will tell you about the characteristics of each tea leaf. The tea blending experience is based on observing, learning and tasting each tea. You can bring your own cup of blended tea back home and enjoy it.

Select your favorite tea leaves after checking color, aroma and flavor. The process calls upon using your own sensory organs to discern the aroma through your nostrils and a feel and taste of flavor on your tongue and going down your throat.

Experience kit for blending is a highly recommended prized gift to learn about and reminisce on your green tea culture.

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60 min

Transit to Green Eight Café - Directions via Google Maps

90 min

Green Eight Café

Experience a tea farm café

The farm cultivates tea leaves grown in the mountainous area of the upper streams of the Okitsu River. The Ryogouchi tea, in which thin, soft tea leaves are lightly steamed, is a premium green tea with rich aroma and savory umami.

The Green Eight Café located beside the tea factory offers you 12 kinds of green teas and 13 kinds of wakocha (Japanese black teas) with sweets.

Wooden materials used in a traditional Japanese house are reused for the interior of the café. The repurposed wood helps to warm the Green Eight Café’s renowned cozy atmosphere. You can enjoy tea with their original sweets such as pancakes or parfait.

You can take out your ordered tea and sweets in a bag with an ice pack to the tea terrace smack in the middle of the tea field. The only thing you need to do is to just simply enjoy a special teatime in the lush greenery.

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30 min

Transit to KANEBUN Tea Farm - Directions via Google Maps

90 min


Strolling around the tea farm with a great view and relaxing at the tea café

A beautiful appearance of Mt.Fuji floating in a sea of clouds can usually be seen in the spring or autumn seasons on early mornings when the relative humidity is high.

We grow tea leaves using the time honored Kiribae method which takes advantage of the natural environment that is unique to the mountainous area and helps to make tea branches thicker and livelier. This method helps to bring new tea shoots which are rich in nutrition. The leaves can be picked only by hand. The traditional hand-picking and well-experienced processing skills and techniques will bring out a distinctive Japanese savory Umami.

Kanebun Tea Café was renovated from a traditional Japanese house by the tea farm with over 100-year history. The experience includes drinking and eating tea while enjoying a view of Mt. Fuji.

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30 min

Transit to Nukumori-en Yururi Farm Stay Inn - Directions via Google Maps

60 min

Nukumori-en Yururi Farm Stay Inn

Stay in tea farmers house along the Okitsu River

You can experience an authentic Japanese country lifestyle at the Farm Stay Inn. The inn offers you a relaxing and mindful time enchanted by the beautiful rich nature of the Okitsu River.

The Nishikawas and their guests can dine together at the centerpiece table and enjoy local cuisines cooked by Mrs. Nishikawa, a certified Japanese tea advisor. This is also a part of the landscape of the countryside.

During your stay, why don’t you give the hand-rolling process of the tea leaves you picked a try? Hand-rolled tea leaves are arguably prized premium teas. Basically, it takes about a few hours to make a few hundred grams of green tea. A tea master produces tea with great care and traditional craftsmanship taking advantage of the characteristics of tea leaves. The number of hand-rolling masters has become fewer and fewer, while the demand for hand-rolled green teas with their delicate tastes has been increasing. Let’s have a precious experience following the tea master’s Okitsu-style hand-rolled tea making skills. The hand-rolled tea you made will undoubtedly be a premium souvenir.

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