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Suruga Trips

Trip Along the Oi River

Tea Museum, Shizuoka
  • DurationApprox. 7 hours
  • Transport method Rental car
  • Nearest station JR Kanaya Station
  • Pace Moderate

Green tea culture of the Oi River where both a nostalgic feeling and modernity mix coexist.

90 min

Tea Museum, Shizuoka

Tea Drinking Culture Experiences At Home And Abroad

The World Tea section serves as the place where guests can appreciate and savor the aroma of various rare teas from around the world as if they were artworks.

The Japanese Tea & Shizuoka Tea Section displays a part of a traditional tea processing house where tea processing machines of earlier times are placed.

Guests are invited to an authentic tea-ceremony room called Rinsuitei where the tea master from Urasenke School makes and serves matcha and Japanese sweets.

Guests can observe and stroll around the Japanese strolling/boating garden where comparisons of nature versus art and straight versus curved lines are featured.

View Tea Museum, Shizuoka
60 min

Transit to Matcha More Café - Directions via Google Maps

60 min

Matcha More Café

Organic Matcha Tasting Appealing To The Five Senses

This organic Matcha Latte provides the distinctive taste of matcha. The secret of its high popularity is its mild taste brought out by matcha’s rich umami (fifth taste) wrapped in a fine milk froth.

Guests are invited to experience traditional matcha making by grinding Tencha in the stone mill. You will notice a refreshing flavor and finely powdered tea leaves gathering around the walls of the stone mill as you start turning the stone mill.

This is a stand-up (no seats) cafe where the younger generation can enjoy green tea in a casual manner. Upon taking your orders, the barista will demonstrate how to brew green tea with a Japanese tea pot to the guests. The tea baristas are all young tea farmers. Tea farmers and guests will enjoy conversation over the counter as a new matcha drinking culture develops here.

View Matcha More Café
60 min

Transit to Yamakasho Tea Farm - Directions via Google Maps

60 min

Yamakasho Tea Farm

Visit a Tea Farm in Kawane

This tea farmer in Kawane has been particular about preserving the traditional methods and great care required in their tea fields. Their effort and passion for quality green tea have been recognized by being designated as a quality tea worthy to be presented to the Emperor of Japan.

The owner of the tea farm, an instructor who holds a Japanese Tea Instructor’s certification, will lead a tour which also includes a demonstration on how to make a good cup of tea and a tour in their tea processing factory.

The tea farm and direct sales store is a top recommendation while visiting Kawane. They offer green tea as a local specialty and fresh vegetables. The friendly staff enjoys talking about the history and culture of Kawane green tea and is regarded as a source of authoritative local information.

View Yamakasho Tea Farm
30 min

Transit to TENKU NO YADO: Farm Stay Inn in the Sky - Directions via Google Maps

60 min

TENKU NO YADO: Farm Stay Inn in the Sky

Staying at a Farmhouse for an Enviably Real Nature Experience

You’ll encounter a landscape which can only be found here. As the view of a tea field and mountain ridges is clear from the Farmhouse Inn, you can easily find your favorite trekking route and viewing spots most befitting for each Japanese season.

A local vegetable harvesting experience is possible and encouraged in the vegetable field in front of the Farmhouse Inn. After the harvest, Taeko-san, the owner of the Farmhouse Inn will instruct guests on local cuisine preparation. After the meal is prepared, everyone enjoys the meal together.

You can enjoy gazing at the starry sky throughout the night from the window of your room. In fact, many repeat guests have revealed that their main reason for staying at the Farm Inn is because they are able to spend the night under the starry sky.

View TENKU NO YADO: Farm Stay Inn in the Sky