Gyokuro no Sato

Enjoy tea culture in the authentic tearoom at Gyokuro no Sato

Situated along the beautiful cherry trees lined banks of the Asahina River, is one of Japan's three largest Gyokuro (high quality) green tea-producing areas. Gyokuro no Sato, located in this peaceful landscape, is a facility where you can experience a truly unique Japanese tea culture. There is a tea house named “Hyogetsutei” in front of the gourd-shaped pond. It has an authentic tearoom, where you can enjoy the traditional tea ceremony experience with either Gyokuro or matcha-powdered tea. A tea ceremony master will serve you excellent green tea with Japanese sweets. You can also learn about the manners of the tea ceremony and how to appreciate the tea utensils. At the restaurant, “Chanohanatei”, local specialties can be enjoyed such as tea-flavored soba noodle. In addition to the tea ceremony and dining experiences, various souvenirs such as Gyokuro green tea, local sake and fresh farm produce are available as well.


1214-3 Nyufune, Okabe-cho, Fujieda City, Shizuoka Prefecture 421-1115 JAPAN