Shitoro-Ware Hikoji Kiln

Pottery Making Experience at the Time Honored Shitoro-Ware Kiln

A two-hour potteryware making experience workshop at the "Shitoro de ippuku (Shitoro-Ware making with a tea break)" is offered in a traditional Japanese house. Mr. Maruyama, a fifth-generation master of Shitoro-Ware Hikoji Kiln, will be your instructor. He will show guests the art of pottery making. He will then also talk about the history of Shitoro-Ware over a cup of tea after you have finished making your craft. After being fired in the kiln, finished wares can be shipped to guests upon request. You'll lose track of time as you become absorbed in this wonderful experience of pottery making. Shimada City is famous for Shitoro-Ware - a time honored traditional craft. The pottery clay used for Shitoro-Ware is rich in iron and is suitable for tea jars. Kobori Enshu (the great master of tea ceremony in the 17th Century) commended the kiln of Shitoro-Ware as one of the best seven kilns in Japan.


914 Yokooka, Shimada City, Shizuoka Prefecture 428-0004 JAPAN