Yamakasho Tea Farm

A Tea Farm in Okukawane District Where People Live in Harmony With Nature

Yamakasho Tea Farm is located at the foot of the 3,000m-high Southern Japan Alps. A unique combination of gifts from nature which include the clean air, the river mist upstream the Oi River, and the mountain mist are the key ingredients to growing the unique local tea leaves with their distinctive elegant after taste as well as clear, refreshing flavor. Yamakasho Tea Farm has been particular about preserving the traditional methods and great care required of their tea fields. Thus, the local green tea is designated as worthy to be presented to the Emperor in Japan. Here, guests are invited to taste green tea at the farm stand. Many of those who have tasted their tea have been pleasantly surprised, and have exclaimed, "This is totally different from other green tea." This is followed by a guided tour of their tea processing factory. After that, unrefined green tea (Aracha) fresh from storage is presented on the veranda of a traditional Japanese farmhouse.


17 Motofujikawa, Kawanehoncho, Haibara-gun, Shizuoka Prefecture 428-0311 JAPAN