Observation Deck at Koyama Castle Tower

Observation deck overlooking Suruga Bay, the tea fields and a river meandering nearby

Yoshida Town is suitable for green tea cultivation as it is close to the Makinohara Plateau which is a big green tea plantation area. You'll find its culture, history, and local cuisine very interesting. Koyama Castle is a symbol of Yoshida Town. Fierce battles took place here among warring lords in the late 16th century. You'll learn about this history in the museum inside the castle. Walking up the stairs, you'll reach a 21-meter-high observatory deck which commands a 360-degree panoramic view of the tea fields, the coast of Cape Omaezaki, Mt. Fuji in the distance as well as the Southern Japan Alps. This area is famous for the decadently delicious smoke infused tender meat of charcoal-barbecued seasoned eel. Eel farming is very famous here, and the secret of its tasty eel is the mineral rich subterranean water of the Oi River used for eel breeding. There are eel restaurants here and other local eateries dotting the quaint thoroughfare of Yoshida Town, so why not drop by one of them and delight your taste buds?


2519-1 Kataoka, Yoshida-cho, Haibara-gun, Shizuoka Prefecture 421-0303 JAPAN (located in Nomanjiyama Park)