Kaneju Tea Farm

Makinohara Terroir related to nature and tradition

"Terroir" indicates characteristic taste or flavor depending on the producing sites along with its climate and environment. Makinohara Plateau is one of the largest tea producing areas in Japan. It has a mild climate, long hours of daylight and weakly acidic soil with good drainage. That's why thick green tea leaves rich in minerals are produced in this area. they consistently produce flavorful green tea leaves year after year on their approximately 20 hectares tea field which stretches towards the Pacific Ocean. Its unmistakable taste is akin to a full-bodied wine. Good soil makes the tea field better and ends up in making premium tea. They finish them from raw tea leaves by the Makinohara traditional method of longer steaming. The method was developed as a result of well-honed techniques acquired both at home and abroad. You can visit their tea factory and experience the joy of tea farming, such as tea picking and planting seedlings. Please enjoy their original flavored tea or low caffeine 'Earl Grey Green Tea'. You will like the rich and special taste!


469-1 Susuki, Makinohara city, Shizuoka 421-0524