Tea Museum, Shizuoka

Journey to explore global tea culture at the home of Mt. Fuji

Tea Museum, Shizuoka is located in the middle of the Makinohara Tea Plantation area, commanding a view of the sacred Mt. Fuji. Why don't you start a journey to explore tea culture in Shizuoka? The museum will show you the history of tea production in Shizuoka and the attraction of green tea. Tea drinking culture all over the world is also introduced in order to learn about the cultural value of tea. You can enjoy trying matcha with Japanese sweets at the tea ceremony house where there are audio guides in English, Chinese and Korean. Other experiences in the museum include grinding matcha in a stone mill, tasting green tea outdoors at the Makinohara Tea Terrace and strolling around the beautifully landscaped Japanese garden. The museum is a place for all ages from children to adults to fully enjoy.


3053-2 Kanayafujimi-cho, Shimada City, Shizuoka Prefecture 428-0034 JAPAN