Murakami Tea Garden

100-year tradition of tea production with a view of Mt. Fuji above a sea of clouds

Murakami Tea Garden is located in the Yoshiwara area on the hillside of a 350-meters high mountain and is often enveloped in a sea of clouds in the early morning. This sea of cloud can help to provide natural shades from the sunlight for tea trees to grow like Kabuse-cha (quality tea grown with the use of shading method). The farm owner's top recommendation is the native varietal tea trees called Zairai which are over 100-year-old. The Zairai is an indigenous variety which has grown naturally in Japan since ancient times. Its domestic distribution volume is only 2 %. It grows according to the climate and the soil type. These natural blessings determine the distinctive characteristics of Zairai. This kind of chemical free organic farming of taking advantage of nature is steeped in rich experience and knowledge. These skills, techniques, and passion for tea producing have been passed down from their ancestors. You may want to taste the tea grown in the area of “Yoshiwara” with its unique aroma and excellent balance of astringency and rich savory Umami. This is the result of unstinting efforts from generation to generation and perhaps the reason why the tea taste has been so loved and coveted by Japanese people for generations.


1050 Yoshiwara, Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture 424-0111 JAPAN