Maruhide Iwasaki Tea Shop

Let's try Go-gumi. Create your own unique tea blend using the traditional art of tea master!

Shizuoka City attracts 55% of all the tea distributed nationwide. It is no wonder that it has naturally produced many excellent tea masters spanning its illustrious tea history and culture. Maruhide Iwasaki Tea Shop is a tea wholesaler intimately tied to each tea producing area and their tea farmers. He actively crafts fresh ideas and designs to help create new brands of blended teas. Go-gumi is a traditional method of blending tea leaves done by a master tea maker. The special blending brings out the singular characteristics of each leaf from the different tea producing areas and different cultivars to create one unique recipe. The art and techniques of go-gumi are very deep and intricate with many layers to explore. Let's try the fun experience under the guidance of the tea master to blend your own cup of tea and enjoy tasting it!


40-21 Kitaban-cho, Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture 424-0005 JAPAN