The Oi River, whose source originates 3,000 meter high in the Southern Alps of Japan, runs through Shizuoka Prefecture from north to south.
The Oi River basin is home to three vast green tea production areas, including the Kawane, the Shimada, and the Kanaya tea areas.


The tea producing area located upstream the Oi River basin is uniquely blessed with a suitable climate for tea plantations due to its huge day and nighttime temperature variance coupled with an unfailing morning mist from the river surrounded by mountains, 90% of which are enveloped in a canopy of forests.
Green tea from Kawanehoncho features a transparent golden yellowish-green colored cup of tea when served. The tea is cultivated in the fertile soil canopied by the hanging river mist in a rich natural environment nestled in a beautiful valley.
In the area located midstream in the Oi River basin, both the river’s morning and evening mists protect this tea growing area from direct sunlight. The area located downstream of the Oi River basin receives much more direct sunlight. The tea fields in Shimada and Kanaya located along the midstream and downstream of the winding Oi River produce tasty green teas with a rich aroma.

The coastline is a little more than a 45-minute drive from the JR Shizuoka Station.
A variety of ecotours using the natural resources of the Oi River and “green” tours are provided. The tours include tea leaf picking and local farm-life experiences while staying at a farmhouse. Nationally famous, superb viewing spots, rich in nature are located around the upstream areas of the Oi River in celebrated towns such as Sumatakyo and Kawane.
Another option to enjoy the soothing meandering mountain stream is by taking a ride on the local steam locomotive run by the Oigawa Railway.
Shimada and Kanaya used to be thriving post towns along the Tokaido Highway. The Horai Bridge (designated by Guinness as the world’s longest pedestrian wooden bridge) and the Shizuoka Tea Museum are popular spots to visit.
The area is renowned for its well-known brand of quality tea due to its ideal location and traditional methods inherited from long ago, along with the hard-working efforts of the local tea producers.