The Central Area (Downtown) of Shizuoka City is the main green tea merchant’s business district in Japan.
The district also plays a central role in Suruga’s local tourism owing to its great accessibility to east and west Japan on the Shinkansen (high speed rail) line, the JR Tokaido local train line, the Tokaido Highway, as well as connections to the Mt. Fuji Shizuoka International Airport.


The Central Area (Downtown) of Shizuoka City has a number of processed tea wholesalers and attracts many excellent tea masters. They play an important role as bridges between the nation-wide tea producing areas, centered in Shizuoka, and tea consumers throughout Japan. Many Japanese green tea cafes are located here and around the JR Shizuoka Station. They provide top class first-picked green tea, organic matcha, as well as green tea-based original Japanese sweets. You can encounter the latest Suruga green tea culture here.

On foot: 25-minute walk from the North Exit of the JR Shizuoka Station.
Access to the JR Shizuoka Station by rail: A one-hour ride from either JR Tokyo or JR Nagoya stations or a two-hour ride from JR Shin-Osaka Station by Shinkansen
By road: A 55-minute drive from Mt. Fuji Shizuoka International Airport on the Shizuoka Airport Liner bus.
Miho Beach and Pine Grove (UNESCO designated World Cultural Heritage Sites), and the Kunozan Toshogu Shrine (National treasure) are accessible from the JR Shizuoka Station.
Teas are produced using a traditional tea producing method called Go-gumi. This is a meticulously time-honored delicate method of blending the best varieties of green teas from different production areas to create a wide variety of tastes.