SUP travelling while feeling at ease with the great nature of Suruga Bay and the Seto River

By taking advantage of the location of Suruga Bay, why don't you add the experience of relaxing with the great nature to your trip. SUP (Stand-Up-Paddle) is a highly recommendable activity here in Suruga which is active for marine sports. The SUP travel starts at the Hamatoume Beach where the waves are calm and the water quality is good. Shortly after you get started, you will go under the bridge crossing the lower stream of the Seto River. You will enjoy cruising on the calm water in the bay. The course, which takes you paddling both on the sea and in the river, is unique and rare to see in Japan, but you can enjoy it here in Yaizu. Before the tour starts, a well-experienced instructor will give you technical instructions and assist you with your preparations for you to safely enjoy the activity. They will also take amazing photos of you during the experience. Their warm hospitality is another charm as well.


497-3 Yoshinaga, Yaizu City, Shizuoka Prefecture 421-0211 JAPAN